Brand identity

Fusing strategic thought with creatively adventurous design. Some of the things we do in building identities; Brand storytelling, brand design, packaging, point of purchase, corporate communications, digital design, channel planning and content.


Our integrated packaging design experience and expertise covers a broad range of categories, from coffee to noodles and super premium spirits to mass market FMCG. We work with many different brand owners, big and small, tackling diverse challenges, from new product launches to the sensitive development of established global brands.


Creating communications that are visible (does it stand out from the competition?), visceral (Does it create a positive emotional reaction with consumers, resulting in preference?) and memorable (does it leave a lasting impression?).


When specialist photography is required we have a solid network of photographers to produce work that is tailor-made for our clients needs. From time to time we do photography ourselves.

Brand Naming

A few times each year our clients ask us to help them with naming. So often overlooked how complex naming can be to achieve a name that is; memorable, filled with meaning, different, relevant, credible and sustainable.