The project

Zanini designs, produces and delivers quality plastic components with high added value to most of the world´s auto manufacturers. We have been partnering with Zanini over the past year on corporate branding, defining and writing the value proposition and communication for techshows, website and corporate communications.

Zanini. The world leader. And more.

Not only do we produce wheel, body and interior trim for virtually all of the world’s leading car manufacturers, we’re constantly finding new ways to add real value to our customer’s brands. Our plastic moulding, decoration and metallization finishes continue to set the standard for the automotive industry, today and tomorrow.

Constantly innovating, we are a 50 year old family-owned company with our best years ahead of us and the people to make that happen.

Zanini. Our story. Past, present and future.

Zanini is a 50 year success story, with the best yet to come. Originally specializing in wheel covers for the automotive industry, Zanini has grown to 1,100 employees supplying 70 million wheel trim units a year to almost every automaker in the world. That’s 1 in 5 of every wheel produced on the planet. Our people are our strongest asset and those who have been integral in getting us to where we are today.
Yet, that’s only part of the story. Zanini’s dedication to innovation has also set the industry standard for plastic interior and exterior functional trim. Zanini is one of the few suppliers who can combine global reach and full service supply with production plants on three continents - in Spain, France, Italy, Czech Republic, USA, Mexico, Brazil, China and soon India. By being global with our operational excellence, we can better help customers create world leading brands.

To ensure the continuing success of its customers, Zanini is today taking the lead in new areas that are becoming increasingly important for leading auto brands – safety, autonomous driving and sensorization. Zanini is using its expertise to pioneer new products such as radome, and decorative light and sensor integration to name a few.
We do all this because in our world success has only one meaning – the success of our customers and the growth of our people.
Zanini. Empowering auto brands to lead.