So hard to define, yet so easy to spot. A great brand speaks a language all its own.

Joe & The Juice is one of those brands. Founded in Denmark 2002, the distinctive cafes can today be found in dozen of countries with ambitious plans for dozens more. The brand is on the brink of becoming a truly global phenomenon.

How do they do it?

So how has JOE & THE JUICE managed to stand out in what has become a very crowded and somewhat predictable segment: the hip cafe chain?

Like all original new ideas, it’s a matter of recombining existing ideas. The company took the classic cafe concept and added some very new elements to the mix. First, they took the best elements of the juice bar, an international phenomenon in its own right, and made it their own. Original juice recipes made fresh on order, everything cut and blended as you wait with the same approach to the sandwiches and food they serve (…only without the blending…)

Then they added the music and the staff you would be more likely to find at a trendy bar or club along with a distinctive decor that is halfway between cafe and bar. We’ve all seen the joking, juggling bartenders, but the bouncy baristas with the boy band at JOE & THE JUICE is a new twist.

Lastly, but equally important is the name and the visual identity. The pink dot, the slightly edgy silhouette of what we can only guess is Joe and the jazzy sound of the name JOE & THE JUICE makes it clear that this is something original.

The bottom line: this is a great brand that really lives up to its promise: “Coffee, juice and much more.”

And it comes as no surprise that this brand comes out of Scandinavia. With a population of just under 20 million for Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Iceland, today’s Vikings only account for 0.3 per cent of the world’s population, yet produce a whopping 3 per cent of all world exports. Their brands have swept the world: Lego, IKEA, Volvo, Absolut and SAAB to name a few. Their secret is a slightly different mindset – of thinking original brand and global expansion from the very beginning. (An great read on the subject is Steve Strid´s book The Viking Manifesto.)

JOE & THE JUICE. A smart company, a great name, a defined brand essence and an understanding of a customer always on the lookout for a great new experience.

P.S. would be nice to see a JOE & THE JUICE in Barcelona soon. After all, if it’s good enough for London, it’s good enough for Barcelona.

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