Opening up a airtight pack of sliced pork I noticed that on the packet it said, proudly, ‘Outdoor Bred’. Seemed a bit odd that it should be necessary to proudly state that your pigs had lived outside.

Something I’ve always wondered. Why is it that the nice stuff like “free form artificial colourings” is always weeded into a packaged product whilst the awful stuff (“a few artificial colourings”) is absent. It´s left to intuition.

Let’s change all the rules

The new rule is you have to champion good practice, but also have to state any practice. Label some vegetables ‘organic’, but also label others ‘chemically treated’. Label some meat ‘outdoor bred’, and others ‘bred in cages’. Some ‘fair trade’, label other things ‘producer exploiting’.

That should do the trick, a bit of honesty.

It’s very easy to see ‘Organic’, notice the higher price, and move along to the next item that’s cheaper. Would we be so quick to do that if there was a big label saying that the vegetables we were about to put in our shopping basket had been chemically treated? The more we buy organic the cheaper the sector will become. The more organic sector grows the more mainstream brands will have to follow the trend of better food, better communicated. There is a move in the right direction but its slow.

It’s one thing to label food’s that positively exhibit healthy behaviour towards the production of food, it is another to proactively identify those that are exploitative or engage in harmful practices. Of course price is still the ultimate deal breaker for many, but I firmly believe that we should be fully aware about the circumstances in which the food we are buying is produced.

P.S. What does organic really mean? A bit of education from our most loved brands would go a long way to building trusted relationships with those same brands.

We are a creative agency that has a special interest in the food and beverage sector. As specialists in packaging we have an obligation to know the ever changing rules of what you can and can not say on packaging. Then add that knowledge to insight + creativity + design to build trusted brands. Good packaging protects a product, great packaging protects a brand.

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