The essence of your idea, product or business in just a word or two is part science, part art. Your brand name is the start of your story. The words you use to identify and express it matter.

I’ve often been asked by clients that know me well: “Can we have a few drinks and create a name together?”. On the other hand, I’ve never been asked to create a brand idea or an activation campaign over beers, even though the two things are equally important.

The naming process

Congratulations, your bank has approved some funds! A little bundle of delight awaits you mere months from now. And one of the great joys of this period of anticipation and preparation is brainstorming all kinds of kick-ass names for your offspring. But be warned: The power that comes with naming can be both intimidating, time consuming and addictive. Advice – get a specialist on board. It will give you some distance from the process and avoid nasty surprises down the line. A naming specialist will spend anywhere from 6 to 8 weeks on your name – you won’t have that kind of time available. Sounds like a long time? Yes, but your name will probably last the whole life of your business. Name changes are expensive and can result in disaster so take the time at the beginning.

Late last year we worked with Brilliant Idea Cosmetics and our naming partner Ignasi Fontvila from Nameworks to create a brand name for a new category in travel retail – light up cosmetics collection. YOU JOUE was born – a name we all fell in love with.

YOU JOUE was launched at Cannes travel retail in October and can now be found on 12 airlines. YOU JOUE. Glow on. Shine.

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