Up until the late 90’s, most advertising visuals were shot by commissioned professional photographers. However, with the advent of digital photography, smaller budgets and the lower expectations that come with them, other approaches have taken over: stock images, in-house tabletops, abstract blurs…

Yet, a selling image still needs to seduce

And seduction is all about mystic, emotion and soulfulness.

And, most important of all, a personal touch.

As creatives, we often talk about the 3-second rule- that small window of opportunity essentially 3 seconds long to capture the attention of a passing consumer. 3 seconds for the motorist passing a billboard, 3 seconds for the shopper walking down a grocery aisle, 3 seconds for the reader flipping through a magazine or glued to mobile. For food – appearance matters. The appearance of a food or beverage influences craveability and acceptance, before the product ever touches our lips. Whether its a herb-encrusted chicken breast, a topically seasoned low-fat snack cracker or crystal clear, vitamin-enhanced water photographers provide visual cues to a products sensory experience in order to encourage purchase. This is because we eat with our eyes.

Consumers are funny. They select a take-and-bake pizza that is second or third in the stack not the one on the top everyone touches. Soup cans cannot have dents. Cereal boxes must have perfect corners. They will not purchase a product that looks irregular, imperfect or poorly made. Appearance matters even more when the package provides a glimpse of what´s inside. Enter the professional photographer.

PS. Good photography does more than just enhance the look of your brand – it contributes to driving sales. A poor photograph may cost less to shoot but what was the price for not doing it the right way. You may never know.

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